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Wm Dodenhoff

Embrace a world where every apartment home feels like a haven. The Showplace is a  revolutionary fireplace that elevates the apartment lifestyle to extraordinary heights.

In the multi-family housing world, it takes a truly exceptional offering to stand out from the crowd. The Showplace, a revolutionary fireplace, is that exceptional offering.

The Showplace is more than just a fireplace; it's a statement, a symbol of luxury, comfort and innovation. It's a magnet that attracts and retains discerning tenants and captivates potential residents, propelling your properties to new heights of desirability.

Attract top-tier tenants: Discerning tenants are seeking apartment homes that offer a unique and luxurious lifestyle. The Showplace sets your properties apart, giving you that exclusive competitive edge to attract and retain the best of the best.

Contact us today and learn how the Showplace can transform your multi-family properties into coveted sanctuaries, while revolutionizing your business. 

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