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AVOLIER Showplace

Showplace Hearths offer the perfect solution to infuse warmth, ambiance, and excitement into every home. Imagine experiencing real wood fires on a high-definition, large-screen TV coupled with an immersive audio system.


Showplace Hearths effortlessly elevate any living space, turning it into a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and cherished moments with loved ones.


With Showplace Hearths, you get the timeless architectural beauty of a traditional wood-burning fireplace combined with the magic of a high-definition, large-screen TV. It's the ultimate home entertainment experience wrapped in an embrace of warmth and ambiance, available every day, throughout the year.


Showplace Hearths become the focal point of every home, the social hub where friends and family gather to unwind and make lasting memories.


Safety First: Showplace Hearths are extremely safe, eliminating fire hazards, fire code restrictions, annual inspections, insurance costs, gas lines, chimneys, vents, soot, harmful emissions, and any health hazards. Most importantly, they require no maintenance!

Luxury Redefined: Showplace Hearths are the ultimate amenity for transforming every home into a luxury experience. Perfect for renovating older multi-family homes, they have the power to make any property stand out from the competition.

Quiet Entertainment: Showplace Hearths features wireless speakers and earphones, ensuring residents can enjoy the entertainment without disturbing others.


Marketing Advantage: Showplace Hearths offer a revolutionary marketing advantage for multi-family home builders. Showplace Hearths become the magnet that attracts and retains quality tenants and home buyers, setting your properties above the rest.


Showplace Hearths are an exclusive feature that adds luxury, excitement, and undeniable value to every home. Witness how Showplace Hearths transform the living experience within your home.


Join the Showplace revolution and make your homes the ultimate destination for comfort, style, and entertainment.


Discover the future of fireplaces today. Contact us today.


Let us show you the future of magnificent home living.

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